Find out your parenting style with my parent personality quiz!

Find out your parenting style with my parent personality quiz!


Parenting Great Kids Podcast - Episode 227

Mastering Mayhem: How to Manage Anxiety, Tantrums, and Behavior Issues with Strong-Willed Children

with guest Dayna Abraham

Hosted by Dr. Meg Meeker | February 15, 2024 | 44:47 min.

From meltdowns and tantrums to anxiety and challenging behaviors, raising emotionally sensitive children takes a different parenting approach. Dayna Abraham, author of the acclaimed book “Calm the Chaos,”  shares science-backed, empathy-based strategies for navigating the emotional rollercoaster of parenthood and raising strong-willed children.

Today's Guest(s)


Dayna Abraham

Dayna Abraham has become a trusted and proven leader in the parenting community. An award-winning, national board-certified educator who has spent over ten years in the classroom, she is the founder of the popular parenting site Lemon Lime Adventures which has accumulated over 41 million viewers in less than seven years. She is also the CEO of Calm the Chaos, a seven-figure company which offers Dayna’s compassionate framework to support thousands of parents worldwide. Her work has also been showcased in HuffPostBabbleScary MommyBuzzFeedADDitude Magazine, and Positive Parenting Solutions.


Instead of reacting in the heat of the moment and letting tensions and chaos escalate, Dayna shows parents how to reframe how they view their child’s disruptive behavior. By focusing on the emotional and psychological safety of your child, she offers a practical way to connect, calm, and guide your child to regulate their emotions.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to:

Understand Your Child: Learn the reasons behind tantrums, defiance, and emotional dysregulation. Dana emphasizes the importance of compassionate understanding and validation to effectively reach your child.

Apply the Five-Step Blueprint: Dayna unveils a proven five-step approach to handling challenging behaviors, including de-escalation techniques, energy management, and long-term solutions. Discover how to avoid power struggles and implement positive behavioral interventions.

Build Trust & Connection: Learn how to empathetically guide and support your child’s emotional growth through active listening, open communication, and building trust.


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