Find out your parenting style with my parent personality quiz!

Find out your parenting style with my parent personality quiz!


How Your Childhood Impacts Your Fatherhood

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Long before you were a dad… …you were a son.

And what YOU experienced as a child is the single biggest influence on you as a parent.

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How Your Experiences as a Boy Affect Your Behavior as a Dad

Most fathers struggle with genuinely accepting their children...with showing affection...and with paying enough attention to them.

If so, you’re not alone.

That’s because when THEY were kids themselves…

  • Many didn’t get enough attention, and felt invisible.
  • Many were not given affection, and felt unlovable.
  • Many were not truly accepted and never received real affirmation, and therefore felt like they had no value.

All of these experiences have profound ripple effects when they grow up to be fathers.

How can you give your children the attention, affection, acceptance, and affirmation they need to become strong adults...

...when your parents didn't provide that for you?

If you didn’t get enough attention…

You will struggle with giving attention to or connecting with your own children. Your instinct will be to pull away, and keep them at arm’s length.

If you didn’t feel accepted and affirmed…

You will struggle to affirm your own child. You will criticize, you will be demanding, and you will reject them.

If you didn’t receive enough affection…

You will feel uncomfortable going beyond a shallow level of intimacy. And as your child grows older, you’re likely to withdraw affection entirely.

Every child wants an engaged father who will give them attention, affection, affirmation, and acceptance.

And most fathers WANT to provide these things as well.

They just don’t know how. And that’s because their own unresolved and unhealed childhood experiences are holding them back on a subconscious level.

In celebration of Father’s Day, Dr. Meg hosted a FREE live coaching session to help fathers figure out what’s holding them back as parents.

Dr. Meg shows you exactly how to move forward and give your child all the experiences you deserved as a kid, even if you didn't get them.


During this coaching session, you will...

Unlock your personal experiences from childhood around receiving affection, acceptance, and affirmation from your parents

Understand how these experiences impact your parenting

Uncover how to REVERSE the behavior you learned and give your children the time and attention they need to become strong adults


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