Find out your parenting style with my parent personality quiz!

Find out your parenting style with my parent personality quiz!




Simple Discipline That Works

Can you imagine getting closer to your child as you discipline them instead of them pushing you away, resenting, or fearing you?

Well, not only is it possible… it’s easier than you think.

There’s a secret to positive discipline that very few parents know. 

When discipline fails… it has nothing to do with discipline “techniques” that were or were not used.

It fails because the parents just didn’t know this ONE simple thing that was missing.

You already have 99% of the solution to any discipline problems you may be facing.

And all you need is someone to teach you that missing 1%.

That’s why I created Simple Discipline that Works. 

“Discipline is more than correcting bad behavior.”

This course will empower ANY parent who applies it…even if the discipline you’ve tried hasn’t worked. 

It’s not that you’ve been doing things wrong – it’s that you’ve been missing this one critical piece.

But once you master this, the same discipline principles and patterns apply at every age.

Simple Discipline That Works is the only course on discipline you’ll ever need. It covers so much that it’s practically an encyclopedia…but you also don’t have to experience the entire course to reap its benefits. 

You can select whatever’s relevant to your parenting situation and your child’s age or season of life at any given time.


This course covers EVERYTHING, including:

And much more!

Are you ready to take the frustration out of discipline once and for all?

Answers to your questions

Not at all! Taking these ideas on board will help you whatever your age, or your childrens’ ages; if you’re a parent, a grandparent, a foster or adoptive parent, or a step parent. These are foundational principles and there is no expiration date!

This is an on-demand course so you can go at your own pace, stopping and starting whenever you’d like. Any time you have questions or concerns about your kids, you can log in and find the answers.

This comprehensive course is an assortment of videos and audio with captions – you can listen continuously or stop and start at your own pace. I’ve enabled discussion throughout the course so that you can connect with other parents in this space – sharing issues you’re encountering and strategies that have worked for you.


The videos are set up within the platform to roll from one video to the next. The content can easily be listened to without watching me!  

After 30+ years of working with parents and children, I am confident that this course will work for you when you try it out. As this is part of lifework, purchases are final and nonrefundable.

After purchasing the course, you’ll be forwarded automatically to a login page. You’ll need to set up your login info. After signing in, you can get started right away.

If you’d like to access the course from different devices, simply go to and use the same login details.

Total audio/video teaching time is just under 3 hours, but this content is a flexible resource library for you to access as you need it, in part or in whole. We’ve also embedded supplemental content and downloads at the end of the course as a quick reference.

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