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Find out your parenting style with my parent personality quiz!


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How to Talk to Your Kids About Puberty & Sex (Ages 8 to 18)

It’s not always easy to talk to your kids about puberty or sex but these are important issues and your kids need to hear from you.

We all want to protect our kids from anything and everything that could harm them...including wrong ideas.

No matter how much we love them, or how hard we try to protect them, our kids are going to be exposed to all kinds of ideas—some good, some bad—about their bodies, their sexuality, and gender identity.

It’s inescapable. And if your kids don’t know what YOU think, they could absorb all kinds of misinformation and confusing beliefs. They need to know the medical facts, and believe it or not, they would rather hear them from YOU. It’s normal to feel awkward when bringing up these topics with our children, but kids tell me all the time that they wish their parents would talk to them about these matters.

If you say nothing, your kids will think you feel that there’s something shameful or dirty about sex. They need you to set the record straight and give them guidance. You can help them feel good about their growing bodies, and develop a healthy, positive, respectful view of sexuality.

After you communicate with your kids about this, they’ll be stronger and healthier on every level—physical, emotional, and mental. And contrary to what you might think…

Your kids will listen to you.

I created these courses to support parents to have “the talk”. I know it’s not always easy to talk to your kids about puberty or sex, but these are important issues and your kids need to hear from you.

The first option is the short course on puberty. I've divided the teaching by gender so there are videos for parents of daughters and videos for parents of sons. You’ll also get an ebook for each to supplement and reinforce the video teaching in an easily accessible way.
Course on Puberty
The second option is the short course on sex. I've divided the teaching by age groups so that you can focus on age-appropriate discussions: 8-12 years, 13-15 years, and 16-18 years. Each has videos and ebooks for parents.
Course on Sex
The third option is the comprehensive course that includes all the material for both puberty and sex PLUS I've created videos of myself speaking to your kids directly about puberty and sex—again, age and gender appropriate. These are optional but may be helpful in your conversations with your kids.
Course on Puberty and Sex + Bonus Videos

Last but not least, each course includes access to a parent’s forum, where you can share your principles, ideas, mistakes, and successes.

Your kids are going to learn about sex, puberty, and gender issues no matter what. Isn’t it better if they hear about these sensitive subjects from you?

It’s time to put aside your fears or hesitation, and get ready to have the talk. Trust me, your voice is much stronger than what you think!

As you go through this course, you’ll feel more confident and comfortable tackling these topics with your kids. The awkwardness will disappear and you’ll know just what to say. You’ll see that YOU are the strongest influence on your kids when it comes to shaping their views on sexuality, growing up, and their bodies.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Puberty & Sex (Ages 8 to 18)

Choose from our three options:

Option 1

How to Talk to Your Kids About Puberty

how to talk to your kids about puberty

Course Includes:

• How to Talk to Your Daughters

2 videos plus an ebook

• How to Talk to Your Sons

2 videos plus an ebook

• Parent Forum available for sharing of questions and ideas

Option 2

How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

How to talk to your kids about sex

Course Includes:

• How to Talk to Your 8-12 Year Old

2 videos plus an ebook

• How to Talk to Your 13-15 Year Old

4 videos plus an ebook

• How to Talk to Your 16-18 Year Old

3 videos plus an ebook

• Parent Forum available for sharing of questions and ideas.

Option 3

How to Talk to Your Kids 8-18 About Puberty and Sex Complete Course

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Course Includes:

All of the videos, ebooks, and parent forum of the puberty and sex courses PLUS:

  • Videos of Dr. Meg talking directly to your kids, by age and gender for sons and daughters, about puberty and sex.

  • Podcast Style Audio Files of Dr. Meg’s videos teachings to parents. 

Boost Your Learning with these Bonus Tools

Answers to your questions

Most of the course material is designed for parents. But I’ve included optional bonus videos where I talk directly to your children when you buy the full course. There are different videos to show them depending on their gender and age.

It’s a guide for parents to return to throughout their kids’ childhood and teenage years, as their needs and ability to understand change over time. Suggested age for these discussions to start is generally around 8 years of age. You can use it to prepare younger children for puberty, come back for more guidance in their early teens, and return to it again in their late teens as they get ready to become adults.

This is an on-demand course so you can go at your own pace, stopping and starting whenever you’d like. Any time you have questions or concerns about your kids, you can log in and find the answers.

Each course option begins with Dr. Meg talking to parents by video, supplemented by the ebooks.
A Parent’s Forum is available for sharing of questions and ideas. The complete comprehensive course also includes podcast style audio versions of the video teaching for easy listening and features optional videos of Dr. Meg talking directly to your kids about puberty and sex in a gender and age appropriate way.

Absolutely, but podcast style audio files of all the videos are available within the comprehensive course only.  

After 30+ years of working with parents and children, I am confident that this course will work for you when you try it out. As this is part of lifework, purchases are final and nonrefundable.

After purchasing the course, you’ll be forwarded automatically to a login page. You’ll need to set up your login info. After signing in, you can get started right away.

If you’d like to access the course from different devices, simply go to and use the same login details.

That’s entirely up to you. All the materials are engaging, to the point, and easy to put into practice right away.

I certainly hope not! I had fun making it. I talk to you and your kids just like I talk to my patients and their parents in my pediatric medical office.

Definitely not! Discussions about sex should be ongoing, not one-time events.

Teenagers have questions. Growing up in our society means they’ll be encouraged and even pressured to have sex early and experiment with multiple partners.

If their parents don’t step up, no one will tell them the truth about all the medical and psychological risks that come with premarital sex, multiple sex partners, and other sexual practices which are sadly all too common among young people today.

With this bundle, you’ll be prepared with honest and medically accurate answers for the questions your kids might be too afraid to ask.

They don’t know everything. I promise you that. Your kids may claim they won’t listen to you, or that they know everything, but they know it’s not true.

Their peers don’t know the facts. You do. That’s why you need to talk to them. Remember—they want to hear what you have to say about their sexuality and any sexual activity they may engage in—whether it was in the past, the present, or the future.

Trust me on this. Every kid wants to know their parents care enough to talk with them, and listen to them, about such important and defining topics.

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