Find out your parenting style with my parent personality quiz!

Find out your parenting style with my parent personality quiz!



Raising a Strong Daughter in a Toxic Culture: 11 Steps to Keep Her Happy, Healthy, and Safe

Which “voice” does your daughter listen to?  The loud and insistent voice of the culture and peers surrounding her, or the voices of a mom and/or dad who love her, protect her, and equip her to stand strong? Everywhere she turns, the media are telling her she isn’t enough: that she needs to look like “this”, have sex like “this”, or even to question her biological identity as a young woman – in order to “be enough”.  

Dr. Meeker’s book is both a guide to understanding the world your daughter sees, and a map to help you navigate the journey with her – educating, empowering, and advocating for your daughter’s mental and physical health all along the way.  

“Dr. Meg Meeker’s thirty years of being a pediatrician give her the understanding, compassion, and experience to help you build the healthy, loving relationship you both deserve.”—RACHEL CRUZE, #1 New York Times bestselling author and host of The Rachel Cruze Show.


Meg Meeker has been a pediatrician for more than thirty years, is a mother and a grandmother, and has seen it all. She knows what makes for strong, happy, healthy young women—and what puts our daughters at risk. Combining that experience with her famous common sense, she explains the eleven steps that will help your daughter—whether she’s a toddler or a troubled teen—to achieve her full human potential.

In this book, you will learn:

  • The four biggest questions every daughter has—and that you must answer
  • Why it’s the quality, not the quantity, of your daughter’s friends that matters
  • The essential, complementary roles that mothers and fathers play
  • The dangers of social media—and how to help your daughter navigate them
  • What every daughter needs to know about God
  • Why depression is often a “sexually transmitted disease”
  • How to launch your daughter into successful womanhood


Dr. Meg Meeker

If you have a daughter, and worry about her future, you need Dr. Meg’s advice.

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