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Yes…. I CAN!

Dr. Meg Meeker

Dr. Meg Meeker

I have chosen to focus on the word YES this month because- well, I just don’t like January.  I’m trying to have a good attitude and I thought that perhaps you might need a little help with your attitude too. If not- I’ll see you in February.

Last week I focused on turning my negative thoughts into YES phrases: YES, the sun will shine through the clouds (even if it’s in 3 months), YES, I can feel better if I just go to the gym, etc. Now I want to add two more words to YES. They are: I CAN. These are power words and, although this may seem a bit corny at first, letting them flood your mind really does change your mood and outlook. That’s why I challenge you to add them to your YES if you’re on this ride with me.

Many women live with constant streams of negative self-talk and we need to squash this phenomenon. I hear in my head, “No- you’re too old to try something new,” “No- you’ll never be able to tone that old body” and even, “No- January is always going to be cold and hard and guess what- maybe February will be as well.” These thoughts are enough to make anyone crazy. And if I had little children at home, they would certainly impact them because every mother’s moods affect her children. That’s why I want to strongly encourage you mothers to grab hold of these YES, I CAN words and use them as a weapon to help yourself become a happier, stronger woman and mom.

If you struggle with self-doubt about how good you are as a mother, try: YES, I CAN be the best mother possible to my kids. Repeat this to yourself over the next weeks and guess what- you will become her! If you feel fat, out of shape and tired, try: YES, I CAN get in shape and lose that last 15 pounds of “baby” fat. It doesn’t matter that I’ve tried for 10 years- this is the year I can do it!

Maybe you struggle with anxiety. Decide to wage war against it with: YES, I CAN face my fears and pound that anxiety away. Decide what you are really afraid of and go at it. Allow those YES, I CAN words free access to your conscious mind and you are on your way to success!

We will get through the post-holiday winter icy-cold blues. Let’s stick together because YES, WE CAN feel better about January and a whole lot more.

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