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This One Thing Is Keeping You from Being a Better Parent

Dr. Meg Meeker

Dr. Meg Meeker

When your child is a baby, you might think fatigue is unavoidable. She’s up every two hours and so are you. She won’t nap during the day, so you don’t either. You find yourself in a nightmarish blur of days and nights in which you can’t remember that last time you slept for more than three hours at a time.

This is normal, especially when you have a newborn. But once your child is about four months old, she can sleep through the night. If you’ll let her.

This is what I’m talking about on my podcast this week: How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night in 7 Days or Less.

This might sound impossible or too good to be true. Trust me, it’s not. Listen to the full episode and you’ll learn why. In it, I talk about my new course that details my step-by-step approach to sleep training your child—How to Get Your Baby to Sleep in 7 Days or Less. The course is available exclusively on my Parenting Great Kids (PGK) online community, which you can join by clicking here.

You might think this resource isn’t for you. I get it. I’ve talked to many parents who are resistant to the idea of sleep training their child. You think you don’t need to. You think if your child cries out in the night, you need to be there for him. Or you have time to nap during the day when your baby does so the sleepless nights aren’t as intolerable.

Even if this is you, sleep training your baby is crucial to establish healthy patterns and rhythms that will carry through to her toddler and childhood years. Here are three reasons you need to sleep train your child.

1. It balances the endocrine system.

Our bodies are like a symphony. We have different endocrine systems, or hormone systems, that need to operate in harmony with one another in order for our bodies to function well. Sleep is a key part to this harmony. Without it, our systems get out of wack. Sleep training trains your child’s systems to work in harmony. The sooner you can get this in balance in your child, the better.     

2. Good sleep begets good sleep.

If your baby sleeps well at night, she will sleep better during the day. This is because sleep training establishes a good biorhythm in your child. That means she will nap when she needs to rather than crying from exhaustion. Sleeping well at night will also improve the quality of her naps during the day. So if you’re avoiding sleep training because you’re compensating with daytime naps, sleep training helps with those too!

3. Your baby needs a well-rested parent. 

More than he needs you in the middle of the night, your baby needs you to be well-rested during the day. You will parent better, be more attentive, more patient, and more loving. You may think your child’s most desperate moment is in the middle of the night, but it’s not. He needs your best and you can’t be your best if you’ve been up with him all night.

Sleep training is hard, but my method takes only seven days. If you can commit to it, you will have a well-balanced, well-rested baby, which makes for a well-rested you.

Join my PGK community today so you can access the full course on “How to Get Your Baby to Sleep in 7 Days or Less.” This post has told you why you should sleep train. The course will tell you how. But you have to be a part of my community to get access to it, so join now!

When you do, you will receive access to my other online courses on topics such as discipline, teaching your child gratitude, and how to keep your child safe in the digital age. During times like these, parents need community more than ever, but it can be hard to come by. The PGK community makes it easy. Join us and learn how you can be the parent you were made to be.


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