Find out your parenting style with my parent personality quiz!

Find out your parenting style with my parent personality quiz!


Ready with Your New Years Resolutions? Wait!

Dr. Meg Meeker

Dr. Meg Meeker

Here we are again. Another new year and another set of resolutions.  Let me ask: are this year’s resolutions, repeats of last year? You will try to lose that 20 pounds, start exercising more, work harder to be kinder to your spouse- again? Whatever you have resolved to do this year, stop.

Look back over last year and ask what you learned about yourself.  Where were you successful and where did you fail? The past teaches us a lot about who we are and where our priorities lie. As you review last year, ask yourself an even more important question: am I happy with the resolutions I made and did they really reflect my priorities?

This year, how about shaking things up a bit? Change your focus- you just might be more successful. Could it be that one of the reasons you failed to lose that weight, exercise more or stop eating sugar, was that you got bored?  Let’s face it, putting effort into things that seem big but that are really less important than you thought sets you up to fail. So here’s what you can do- radically change your list. Make it reflect your real priorities- not just the ones that will garner compliments from your friends.

Now we’re talking. Many parents or spouses fear making really important resolutions because they fear failure. But don’t. The relationships we enjoy with our loved ones are our lifeblood. So why not put your commitment to these – rather than on your body fat or shape- front and center? This is your year to make seriously wonderful changes to your life, so do it. I’ll be here to help you because if it involves parenting, you’ll need it.

I’ll answer your questions about your kids- any question, any time. I’m launching a podcast in order to interview the best experts on ADHD, behavior issues, potty training, immunizations- you name it. We’re in this together and I understand exactly where you are because I’ve been there. I’ve raised four kids, have two grandchildren and I’ve seen thousands of children grow up. And I needed help. That’s why I’ve written reams of information for you. This is information that I always wanted. (Like- what are the most important questions my kids need answered from me? answer:

Here’s what I know for sure: you are more important to your kids than anyone in the world. He or she doesn’t show it, but it’s true. So let’s make your role better, more fun and more successful than any year in the past. Let’s make your lifeblood flow a little stronger.


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