Find out your parenting style with my parent personality quiz!

Find out your parenting style with my parent personality quiz!


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Parents, don’t be afraid of the “D” word. Discipline—when done right—is good for kids.

Dr. Meg Meeker

Dr. Meg Meeker

How many of you have ever walked out of the grocery store when your cart was still full of groceries because your child was having a temper tantrum? Or, how many of you have spanked or yelled at your child and then all of a sudden freaked out because you’re convinced you’ve wrecked your child for life? If you have, you’re in good company.

All parents struggle with the “D” word: discipline. Even the word itself might make you cringe. When I was a young mother, I hated discipline. I wanted to be the nice mom. I wanted my kids to like me. I even did the just wait until your father comes home threat so I could avoid doing the discipline myself.

But over the years I’ve learned the true purpose of discipline and why it’s necessary. We don’t discipline our kids to be mean to them. We discipline our kids to teach them self-control. This is the ultimate goal of discipline, that your child will learn to have healthy relationships, a good work ethic and a happy and balanced life, all of which require proper, loving discipline done with just as much courage as kindness.

Disciplining your child—in the right way—actually communicates love to him. It shows him you care about his well-being and his future. It shows him you are paying attention to him.

The question now is how do you do discipline in a way that communicates love, courage, and kindness to your child and is also effective?

This is a question I get from parents again and again. Because this is such an important question, I’ve decided to put all of the information, tips, advice, and wisdom I have on discipline in one place.

In my online course Discipline with Courage and Kindness you will learn everything you need to know about disciplining your child no matter her age. I don’t suggest making huge changes. I believe if you just make a few tweaks here and there, you will find that your child obeys and listens better, you will feel better, and your entire household will be happier.

We don’t discipline our kids to be mean to them. We discipline our kids to teach them self-control.

In the course, I include over 30 videos where I answer every question you’ve ever had about disciplining your child. I also talk about the four main principles of discipline. These are crucial because they will change your entire mindset about why, when and how you discipline your child.

I’m calling this course Discipline with Courage and Kindness 3.0 because I’ve written on this topic before, but this time the course is tailored to the questions I know parents are asking today about discipline, and it is full of practical advice you can put into practice with your child and your family immediately.

First, I will help you change your mindset around the entire philosophy of discipline. Then, I will help you put that philosophy into practice. I think you will be amazed at the results.

If you hate discipline, if you’re a busy parent, if you’re too exhausted at the end of the day to even attempt disciplining your child. This course is for you.

Discipline doesn’t have to be scary or the one thing you dread most when it comes to parenting. Register for my course today and take the fear and dread out of the “d” word for good.

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