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How to Talk to Your Son or Daughter About Puberty

Dr. Meg Meeker

Dr. Meg Meeker

I know what you’re thinking… Can’t I just give my child a book about puberty instead of sitting down and having an awkward conversation with her?

No, you can’t. And here’s why.

When your child approaches you with a question about her changing body, and you brush her off and point her to a book, she gets this message: I shouldn’t talk about this with my parents. It’s shameful.

That is the last thing you want your child to believe during puberty—some of the most fragile and emotionally turbulent years of a child’s life.

You want to instill the message in your child that his or her body is good, and the changes they are going through are normal and also good. You instill this message by keeping the line of communication open with your child, even about a subject like puberty.

Now you are probably wondering…

Okay, but how do I talk to my child about puberty?

What if I mess up the conversation?

What if I say something wrong?

I don’t really remember going through puberty. What exactly is supposed to happen and when?

Because I’ve received these questions countless times from parents in my pediatric office, I decided to create a resource that answers all of these questions and more: How to Talk to Your Son/Daughter About Puberty. Because as you know, when it comes to puberty, a one-size-fits-all approach will not work. Boys and girls are experiencing puberty in completely different ways, and it matters how you talk to them about it.

This course includes ebooks and videos I wrote and recorded to equip you to talk with your child about his body and what’s happening to it. After you go through the course, you will know:

  • exactly what stages of puberty your son or daughter should go through and when.
  • how to talk to your child about puberty in a way that will leave her feeling good about her body and not ashamed of it.
  • the answers to frequently asked questions such as, Will puberty make me fat? If I start my period, will I get pregnant? and Boys make fun of me in the locker room because I’m smaller than they are. What should I do?

How to Talk to Your Son/Daughter About Puberty is exclusively available in my online parenting community Parenting Great Kids (PGK). This is the new home for all of my best parenting material because this is where I interact with parents of all ages and stages on a daily basis.

If you don’t know about this amazing community, I highly encourage you to learn more by clicking here. The PGK community is a place where you can ask me any question you want about parenting, get access to all my courses around various topics like puberty, talking to your child about sex, toddlers and tantrums, plus so much more. It’s also a way to be part of a group of like-minded parents.

How to Talk to Your Son/Daughter About Puberty is my most comprehensive resource on the subject. I want it in the hands of every single parent because parents have the power to make their children feel good and empowered in their bodies or to make them feel the opposite. Join the PGK community and download this course today.

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