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How to Hold Celebrations in the Time of COVID-19

Dr. Meg Meeker

Dr. Meg Meeker

It’s good to let ourselves grieve these disappointments, but it’s also good to celebrate these moments anyway. Birthdays and graduations shouldn’t be skimmed over just because you can’t host the huge party or attend the ceremony.

To gain some inspiration for how to celebrate our milestones this season, we asked our Facebook community, Parenting Great Kids with Dr. Meg Meeker, how they’ve been celebrating. They had some amazing ideas.

Transport Yourselves to Another Place

One family turned their living room into a tropical paradise to celebrate a 45th birthday. They hung a beach backdrop from the window and used colorful beach-themed accessories. Celebrating at home doesn’t have to be boring. With a few decorations, you and your family can transport to another place, even for just for a little while.

Throw a Car Parade Party

Several families talked about coordinating car caravans to celebrate their loved ones. One family celebrated their little boy’s birthday by having his friends drive by while he watched from his driveway. One husband threw a parade for his wife who just finished chemo. And one pastor threw a surprise parade for a family’s daughter whose MRI showed she is still cancer-free.

These moments in life are worth celebrating, and you can still celebrate them in a big way.

Gather on Zoom

Of course, we’re all pretty familiar with online video chatting platforms by now. One of our member’s friends requested everyone make their favorite flavor of cake and then meet on Zoom for her birthday to have a cake-eating party. You could also coordinate surprise Zoom calls from your loved one’s friends or have a Zoom dance party!

Order a Tap-o-Gram

One family ordered a surprise tap-o-gram to celebrate their mom’s birthday. A professional tap dancer showed up on their front lawn, laid out a small wooden platform, and put on a show. All from a safe social distance.

Let the Kids Take Over

This is a pretty brilliant idea. One of the families in our group asked their older kids to plan their youngest child’s birthday. It was a day full of fun and memories. Kids are very creative. If you’re tired of planning things, parents, let your kids plan your next celebration.  

Don’t let COVID cancellations ruin your celebrations. Humanity has truly shown its resilience during this trying time, proving we can still smile and celebrate one another even if we can’t be physically present with one another. How will you and your family celebrate your milestones this season?

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