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How to Get Your Baby to Sleep in 7 Days or Less

Dr. Meg Meeker

Dr. Meg Meeker

I developed this method for every parent walking into my pediatric office with the same question: How do I get my baby to sleep? 

This simple weeklong, step-by-step method has helped countless new parents. In fact, everyone I’ve talked to who has tried this method has been successful. Meaning, they’ve gotten their baby into a regular sleep schedule in only seven days. (Many of them did it in five.)

Most new parents are only given two options when it comes to sleep training their babies: cry it out or gradually wean them over time. I noticed that neither of these options in and of themselves worked. Parents needed something different.

Babies aren’t born knowing how to sleep, hence the phrase “sleep training,” and they aren’t born knowing the difference between day and night. As adults, we forget this. We naturally get tired at night because we sleep trained long ago. But babies must literally be taught when and how to sleep. I’m here to teach you how to teach them.

As of today, I am making my fool-proof sleep-training method available online in my new course: “How to Get Your Baby to Sleep in 7 Days or Less.” With an eBook and guided videos, this course will give you the how and why of my invaluable sleep-training method.

“How to Get Your Baby to Sleep in 7 Days or Less” is available exclusively on my Parenting Great Kids online community. It’s easy to join the PGK community if you’re not already a part of it. Simply click here to join.

If you’re already a member, you automatically have access to the course. Log in to your account here and start learning my fool-proof sleep-training method today.

My method takes a baby’s development into consideration, how their bodies and brains are growing, why they cry, and how their digestion systems work in the early months of life. It only takes seven days (or less), and trust me, if you can make it through this one week of training, you will have a child who sleeps like you never dreamed possible.

What parent doesn’t want that?

Join the Parenting Great Kids Community today to get this life-changing course. (Because every parent of an infant knows how life-changing sleep is for you and her baby.) When you join my online community, you will not only receive access to “How to Get Your Baby to Sleep in 7 Days or Less,” you will also receive access to my entire vault of online courses on topics about everything from discipline to how to talk to your kids about sex to bullying.

The PGK community connects you with other parents who are experiencing the same parenting difficulties you are and who have the same questions. My online community also gives you access to me—I’m there to answer any of your questions, encourage you, and help you find the support you need to be the great parent you were made to be.

Join today! Whether you’re desperate for your baby to sleep, or to calm down your toddler’s tantrums, or to understand your mysterious teenager, the PGK community is here for you.

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