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Find out your parenting style with my parent personality quiz!


Go Johnny and Jeremy! Two Teen Heroes

Dr. Meg Meeker

Dr. Meg Meeker

Two adorable 13 year old boys just saved a school bus full of kids.At a time when we hear the word ‘teenager’ spoken with the inevitable accompanying groans (this has always driven me crazy) it is a delight to hear that some really great kids gained national attention for their heroic acts. As they rode the school bus, the driver suffered a heart attack and became unconscious. When the kids saw the bus going out of control, panic ensued. They noticed that the driver’s hands were off of the wheel and felt the bus swerve onto a curb. At that moment, Jeremy jumped up and took over the wheel of the bus. In his wonderfully childish demeanor, he told Ann Currie of The Today Show that he didn’t want the bus to hit the church because he was a Christian.

Then, his buddy, Jeremy Wuitschick attended to the ill bus driver and began CPR. Now I don’t know if you have ever seen someone have a heart attack, but it is a terrifying experience. So for a young boy to have the wherewithal to assess what’s happening and then administer medical aide, is extraordinary. I dare say that many grown adults wouldn’t be able to do this. Giant kudos to the two of them.

We need to be reminded that really good parenting works. Clearly these boys were taught a few very important lessons before they jumped aboard the bus that day. First, they learned that in a crisis, they could do the right thing. When most of the kids sat in shock, these boys drew from an internal strength which prompted them to do something good and right. Take the wheel and help the dying man. Having the instinct to do what save lives is something that must be implanted by parents. Second, they had the self confidence to take charge. Someone had taught them along the way that they were fully capable of doing things themselves. So often in our efforts to love our boys, we cripple them by never allowing them to take charge and do things for themselves, because we do too much for them. Clearly these were not coddled kids: they knew how to take charge.

So great job Jeremy and Johnny. But let’s give a shout out to their parents who clearly did a lot of things right before this harrowing ride ever took place. And the lessons they taught their sons saved the lives of a school bus fill of kids.


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