Find out your parenting style with my parent personality quiz!

Find out your parenting style with my parent personality quiz!



Balance work and family

Finding Balance Between Work and Family (Without Going Crazy)

Stop being anxious about getting everything you want done, today or even next month. Never be afraid to give yourself permission to accomplish different things at different stages in your life. Pursuing this kind of balance will keep you sane and happy and better equipped to be the wife and mom and (fill in the blank) you want to be!

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How To Do It All As A Mom

I sat down with expert fitness trainer, Heidi Powell, to talk about setting health-related goals. This includes mental health, family and relationships.

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3 Habits of Happy Moms

What did I find when talking to happy mothers? 3 Big Habits. Here’s what they said and how you can adapt these habits to fit in your life…

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The Hope Of Adoption

Grammy award-winning musician Steven Curtis Chapman and family share their powerful adoption journey with candid honesty. Struggles and triumphs included.

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Goodbye, Perfect!

Dr. Meg’s chats with Crystal Paine, the “Money Saving Mom” blogger, helps you tell perfect, “GOODBYE!” and build up self-esteem in the process.

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How To Be a Hero Dad

Philip Rivers, NFL quarterback, talks to Dr. Meg about being a HERO dad. Rivers balances a demanding career without compromising his family.

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Thank You From Dr. Meg

Dads are making a comeback. We need to help the fathers in America with encouragement. Here is what Dads have told me since I released my book.

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Raising Adventurous Kids

An adventurous spirit is a gift and can be nurtured in a child. Dr. Meg speaks to Bob and Maria Goff about raising kids who can take the whole world on.

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Courageous Parenting

Dr. Meg discusses how to embrace fearless parenting with guest Maria Goff. Here are three nuggets of truth to inspire courageousness.

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The Blessing of Siblings

Having siblings is one of the greatest experiences there is, but it doesn’t come without friction. Here are 5 ways parents can foster strong sibling bonds.

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Is Your Child Depressed?

The death of Robin Williams and many others to suicide is a powerful reminder that the early warning signs of depression must be taken seriously.

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God is Good for Girls

The research shows unmistakably that God is good for girls, your daughter needs to see that God is the ultimate Dad. As a father, God is your copilot.

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